Monday, April 21, 2008


OK, I got a new banner for my illustration shop. I want to start slow and it will probably take a while for me to put something up for sale.

tapazolli's banner (for etsy shop)

I have some sketches and I am really into drawing right now (and stamps), so I made a banner for my shop with one of my sketches. Her name is Bizu and I like her a lot.

I wanted to submit a drawing to IF too but I can not think of anything for this week's theme (I don't have a lot of imagination with words).
The them for this week is 'primitive' and all I can think of is cavemen! Maybe I got too much on my head that I can not think of anything to illustrate that theme. Oh well, next week maybe.

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kennedy & friends said...

this is fabulous! are some kind of talanted lady!!!